Josep Llorens has a wide range of vacuum-packed Iberian pork cold meats, where you will find the best sliced ham, shoulder, chorizo, spicy sausage and Iberian pork loin. If you choose our gourmet line, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite taste of acorn-fed pork products, as well as a wide variety of assortments.

This is not to mention our premium line, for which we select the finest specimen of pure acorn-fed Iberian pigs in our production. These hand-cut Iberian cold meats can be consumed within 24 months, unlike our other vacuum-packed meats, which have a one-year shelf life. You’ll notice the difference in quality as soon as you taste the first slice.

The best way of preserving Iberian cold meats to keep its properties intact

This system of conservation is, without a doubt, the best way of maintaining the most characteristic properties of Iberian cold meats, such as the taste, smell and texture. When you are ready to serve it, we recommend that you open the pack some time in advance (about 20 minutes) and let the product rest so that it acquires its optimum qualities.

Ideally, you should finish all the slices, but if there are some left over once you open it up, it’s best not to let more than 15 days go by to finish them. Keep it in the refrigerator, under the conditions indicated on the pack. Serve it on a plate or tray, so the product will be more appetising at first sight and also more convenient to eat.

Josep Llorens Iberian meats are packed in 50, 100 and 150-gram packs, so they are perfect for any occasion. If you follow our advice, we are sure that they will never spoil and you will always enjoy their unmistakeable flavour to the full.