There is no doubt that enjoying Iberian ham is a gastronomic pleasure like no other. Looking for the perfect accompaniment for this delicacy is an art that can help to enhance its exquisite taste, complement its texture and highlight its aromas, making the experience even more exquisite and unique.

The perfect accompaniments for acorn ham

Acorn ham is a delicatessen meat that is so special that few accompaniments can enhance its flavour without being eclipsed. Consequently, the simplest pairings are the most successful, with bread and wine being the ideal accompaniments to help enjoy all the nuances without eclipsing them.

Ideal types of bread to accompany Iberian ham

Even though it is simple to find suggestions on the most recommendable wines to pair with acorn ham, bread is that great unknown that, according to the variety, can enhance different strengths of the ham. Below we discuss our favourite breads.

Crystal bread is one of the perfect accompaniments for Iberian acorn ham. The crispy texture of its crust and the mellowness of its crumb are a combination of interesting textures to combine with ham. In addition, this bread is fermented with natural yeasts, so its special taste pairs perfectly with the dry flavour of the acorn ham.

Wheat bread is another bread that provides a perfect pairing. Its dense and creamy crumb will absorb part of the fat of the ham, allowing the flavours to mix together. On the other hand, the light flavour of the wheat will not take away from the flavour of the ham,

At Josep Llorens we love gastronomy and we love to enjoy the culture of Iberian Ham. We know that choosing the perfect bread and wine to enjoy it are the key to opening the door to a unique experience.