At the beginning of this month, the founder and creator of Josep Llorens & Fills, Josep Ramon Llorens, went to Santiago de Chile to launch the “Mini Jamón Serrano” and “Mini Jamón Ibérico.”

Both products were carefully selected by an expert and vacuum-packed to ensure its unique flavor and aroma. The pack is composed of a small piece of Boneless Serrano Ham or Iberian Ham (1kg), an exclusive white marble ham holder and a suitable knife. Created to enjoy with family and friends! This small piece of Serrano Ham (Mini Jamón Serrano) and the little piece of Iberian Ham (Mini Jamón Ibérico), will be in the Spanish Stadium in the capital of Chile, in August, where will take place the greatest Spanish Culinary fair of Latin America.

Even so, both products already had a fantastic welcoming on the 19th of June on its launch for Father’s Day, where everybody was able to buy the product in any Jumbo Concosud Supermarket. It was a complete success!

We hope in August the result will be the same, but we do not have any doubt. Furthermore, as Josep Ramon Llorens himself declared that Chile is a wonderful country.