“More than 9.000 hectares of ecologic paradise is the natural habitat for the “montanera” of Iberian pigs. “

DEHESA is the habitat of the Iberian Pigs

It is our pig’s house, a native species from the Iberian Peninsula. Forested areas of holm oaks and cork trees that proceed from Mediterranean woods, used as a grass field for the animals. They are natural ecosystems protected by the European Union because of its great ecological value. They have been preserved thanks to the Iberian Pig presence.

Our Dehesas are situated in the heart of Huelva, one of the fourth Spanish regions with the denomination of origin characterized by its reliability of quality and guarantee, and are part of the best-preserved ecosystem of Europe.

Our Iberian pigs live in freedom and feed themselves during “Montanera” from October to March, with acorn and wild grass in harmony with the environment. This Dehesas are an ecological paradise where the use of the natural resources is in perfect equilibrium with the conservation and sustainability.