In November 2015 we made the presentation of our entire Premium range of Iberian ham in the Restaurant Porto Alegre.

This presentation was made for the gastronomic and specialized press of the sector with the presence of the Spanish Consul of Puerto Alegre, where the process of manufacturing and healing of Iberian ham was explained, the center of Iberian ham, sliced ham, Iberian sausage, pack of Iberian chorizo, and finally the Iberian loin pack.

The previous processes to get a good Iberian ham:

  • Race
  • Feeding
  • Exercise
  • Healing and drying iberian ham

The technological process:

  • Reception of hams: refrigeration and classification.
  • Salting: it has as purpose the incorporation of the common salt, favoring the dehydration and conservation of the pieces.
  • Washing and Brushing: Remove surface salt residue.
  • Rest or postsalado: in this phase we aim to achieve the homogeneous distribution of salt through the interior of the piece.
  • Drying and ripening: dehydration until sufficient drying is achieved.
  • Aging or thinning.

Another great meeting was at Usinos University in the city of Porto Alegre for future chefs, with the help of the big importer of our successful Iberian ham to the Brazilian public Filial Casa Flora of Rio de Janeiro