At Josep Llorens we fully understand what the Iberian pig has to offer. This animal is unique on the planet. We obtain a product from it that is almost synonymous with Spain: Iberian ham. If you’re a lover of this product, you need to fully understand the animal. Only then will you enjoy it to its fullest extent.

The Iberian pig: its characteristics

These animals are bred in absolute freedom, which is what makes it possible to produce such high-quality ham.

The Iberian dehesas or wooded pasturelands in the south of the peninsula provide the habitat for these animals. There, they feed on acorns in a natural way and they enjoy exercise, a basic difference with respect to other animals. These animals thus contain a large amount of inter-muscular fat.

As a result of the exercise they do, we obtain a much juicier final product with healthy nutritional qualities. In addition, the way these animals live has greatly affects their anatomy. Their skeletons are thinner than those of other variants, they’re slender and they have powerful hind legs. Did you know that this ham is called pata negra due to the dark shade of these animals? This is one of their most outstanding characteristic features.

Their lifestyle, their diet and the peaceful environment they live in enable us to enjoy a unique ham of superior quality, recognizable to the naked eye wherever it can be found. All thanks to a unique and noble animal that gives everything without ever asking for hardly anything in return.

Conclusions about Iberian ham

At Josep Llorens we encourage you to understand this unique animal better. If it didn’t exist we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the flavour and aromas of a good Iberian ham, one of the country’s flagship products. Enjoying this product is almost a commandment which you are sure to obey.