To cook Iberian pork correctly, it is essential that we bear in mind that each cut is different. We’ll show you the differences when it comes to cooking a sirloin steak, the presa (part of the blade cut), the pluma (just next to the presa), and the secreto (part of the belly just next to the front leg).

How to cook Iberian pork properly

– The sirloin steak: this piece can be grilled, roasted in the oven or as a stew. Whichever way you choose, remember: it needs very little cooking.

– The loin: one of the most coveted pieces of pork. It’s perfect for all types of dishes.

-The presa: this cut can be cooked anyway you like, provided it’s cooked quickly. Cooked simply on the grill, it is delicious because of the low proportion of fat it contains.

The pluma: the best way of enjoying its taste is frying it on both sides quickly in a frying pan. It also goes better in stews than other cuts as it can be cooked for a longer period of time.

The secreto: is the fattiest piece. It is recommended to cook it on a griddle as it is a streaky cut which doesn’t need anything else to stay juicy.

– The lagarto (loin drawstring, taken from between the ribs): doesn’t need to be cooked for long. It is delicious in traditional recipes.

A few recommendations

– It is important for the meat to be at room temperature before cooking.

– Sprinkle the salt on it beforehand.

– The oven should be preheated before putting the meat in the oven in order to cook it properly; that way it’s tastier and makes the most of its succulent juices.