Josep Llorens selects on foot, on a year-by-year basis, under the cork oaks, the best specimens of pure 100% Iberian acorn pigs for the production of premium Iberian acorn ham. The Premium Ham has a limited annual production that is determined by the climatic conditions, the number of acorns and their animal morphology. Therefore, each vintage of Premium Ham is unique and different, with organoleptic properties that make it special and unique, always with the Josep Llorens label.

Launching Iberian Premium acorn ham in Brazil

This November the Premium Line has been presented and we describe it as “This is our homage to the pasture, the authentic essence of the gastronomic jewel of Iberian art”.

Josep Llorens and sons presented his Premium Bellota Ham with 60 months of cure in Brazil in cities such as Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and others, with the aim that the Brazilian public could enjoy this exquisite bite for the palate.