You’ll find Josep Llorens has a wide range of products perfect for the Christmas festivities. At this time of year we prefer to enjoy special food items that stand out for their quality, taste and nutritional value.

Ideal products for Christmas

During the holidays we often make meat, fish and seafood dishes that we don’t tend to eat during the rest of the year; ones that stand out for their quality and taste. Cold meats are highly appreciated and should share the stage with these cherished dishes and recipes. At Josep Llorens we would like to share a series of tips to bear in mind so your Christmas dishes can meet these high expectations.

Iberian ham is an essential element that can’t be missing from your table. To compare the price you are paying with the quality of the product, you should look at the classification colour tag and the labels, which indicate the percentage of Iberian ham and refer to the values that demonstrate the quality of the ham.

In addition, the cut of meat you choose should be taken into account. Iberian tenderloins, pluma, entrecôtes, chops, lagarto cuts and much more. These are cuts of meat that are always served at a good Christmas spread.

And of course, at Josep Llorens we encourage you to put special emphasis on cheese. This is a food rich in amino acids, proteins and fats which are essential for the body to function. A rich variety should be served: fresh, aged and all kinds of cheese. This brings a distinct and original touch of protein to your meal.

Of course, not to be forgotten is the crowning jewel of the Mediterranean diet: extra virgin olive oil. It should always take a prominent place at the table and as an ingredient in any recipe you serve.

At Josep Llorens we encourage you to follow our advice to enjoy a nutritious diet during Christmas. Come and discover our variety!