Last September 2016, Josep Llorens managed to land in Paraguay and expanded its international market. After 8 intense months of waiting, Josep Llorens is strengthened in this country with great enthusiasm.

We are very happy to have been able to achieve this goal in Paraguay, since for us it is very important to be able to export and announce our high quality products to different countries of the world.

The kit sold in Paraguay consists of a 1kg Serrano Mini Ham, with a special wooden stand and a perfect knife for cutting. This product is specially created so that our customers can give and taste our star product, ham.

This new product can be found in several important supermarkets in Paraguay such as Delimarket, Hiperseis and Casa Rica, a well-known gourmet market.

The gourmet market Casa Rica is a small supermarket that sells high quality products, specializing in baked goods, sausages, cold meats, cheeses and wines.

In the official web of Casa Rica we can see all its products and among its novelties we find the ham kit serrano by Josep Llorens.

It is very important and enriching for us to be able to stay in a country like Paraguay and continue to fulfill the goal of importing our products to other countries.