Iberian pork is a particularly tasty meat which bears little or no resemblance to the meat of other kinds of pig. Its most characteristic feature is the formation of intramuscular streaks of fat, which give the meat a unique flavour and juiciness.

Carrillera ibérica

These are the pork cheeks, located to either side of the pig’s lower jaw, and are responsible for its movement as it feeds. It is a lean and very tasty meat, with distinctive streaks of fat.

Weight kg/unit (approx) Units/bag Bags/box
2,5 1 4

Secreto ibérico

This tasty cut of Iberian pork is located in between the shoulder and the belly and contains a high degree of fat. It has a very irregular cut and a large number of streaks of fat.

Weight kg/unit (approx) Units/bag Bags/box
0,35 2 10

Presa ibérica

This cut forms part of the top of the loin and lies next to the shoulder. It is a very tasty and juicy piece, as it contains a lot of fat infiltration, while also being very nutritious with a high amount of fibre.

Weight kg/unit (approx) Units/bag Bags/box
0,6 1 15

Pluma ibérica

This cut is located at the rump, or behind the loin, and its muscle fibres lie close to those at the top of the ham. The meat is very tender with a great amount of infiltrated fat.

Weight kg/unit (approx) Units/bag Bags/box
0,25 2 15

Costilla ibérica

The ribs of the Iberian pig are highly appreciated due to their juiciness and flavour, plus their combination of lean meat and fat.

Weight kg/unit (approx) Units/bag Bags/box
1,5 1 4