At Josep Llorens we hold dear all things related to Iberian cured meats. That’s why we will be letting you in on the best-kept secrets for properly storing these delicacies so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Tips for properly storing Iberian cured meats

It is important to divide these tips into two groups so it is easier for you to make the most of them.

For whole cured meats

It must be hung, without letting it touch other similar pieces. The cured meat must be stored in a cool place, where the temperature ranges between 15 and 20ºC, away from direct sunlight and which is properly ventilated.

The product’s natural layer of fat must be kept on, removing it progressively as it is sliced. It is good to rub the sliced area with a little olive oil and protect it with cling film held in place with a rubber band to prevent this end of the cured meat from oxidising.

If you slice a ham, you should cover the sliced area with a piece of the rind, a slice of fat and a cotton cloth. Remember that whole Iberian cured meats must never be stored in the refrigerator.

When it has already been sliced

We recommend arranging the slices vertically and wrapping them in cling film. Prior to serving, a tip that also applies to vacuum-packed meats, remove the slices from the fridge so they reach room temperature. Arrange it on the plate ahead of time so the fat can sweat, giving a much more pleasant taste to the meat.

How much cured meat should you slice?

Calculate what you slice so there is as little left over as possible. Base your serving size according to the number of diners. Remember that a recently sliced product resting at room temperature for half an hour always makes for an exquisite delight.

We at Josep Llorens hope these tips have been useful so that you always have the pleasure of enjoying your favourite Iberian cured meats.