For many people olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are the same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Extra virgin is set apart for its quality, which makes it a true elixir for health and beauty. At Josep Llorens, we will show you how to tell the difference.

Differences between olive oil and extra virgin

If we had to briefly explain the main difference between the two, we could say that olive oil is a blend of refined oils and that extra virgin is pure oil, direct from the olive. It is the oil with the most nutritional properties. And what about virgin olive oil? This is still pure oil, but when there is a defect in appearance or in taste it loses the “extra” category.

There are different varieties of extra virgin oil, such as: picual oil, with an intense, fruity aroma; hojiblanca, with hints of acorn and almond; frantoio, with a touch of bitter almond and arbequina, with tones of apple and banana.

How can we identify it? Extra virgin olive oil is darker and greener in colour, with a more intense flavour and an acid, fruity touch.

Now that you know the differences between them, go ahead and try the Josep Llorens extra virgin olive oil.