Each type of cheese is different world. In the taste, in the texture, in the accompaniment, in the pairing… But also in the cut, either for its presentation or the texture that each cheese has. In a soft cheese, like brie, the shape and texture is very different from that of a Josep Llorens Manchego cheese. Therefore, the way to cut one cheese will be totally different from the other.

Each has its own knife, its own ideal cutting temperature and, of course, its own perfect shape. Not everything goes in the art of cheese cutting.

Our cured and semi-cured cheeses are hard cheeses and this is exactly how they should be cut to make a perfect presentation.

Cutting Manchego cheese

Our cheeses, being cured and semi-cured, are always more compact, as they have been subjected to pressure. This means that it is best cut at room temperature and with a double-handled knife.

The double-handled knife is gripped at both ends so that the cut is firm and the cheese does not break.

If you have a whole cheese, first cut it in half. From one of these halves take a wedge and then from that wedge make equal triangles. The perfect size for each piece of cheese is approximately half a centimetre thick.

This is the way to properly cut a good Manchego cheese. Cutting it is really easy, but if you don’t do it the right way, you’ll be ruining it.

A good Josep Llorens cheese tasting begins with the presentation of the cheese. Those perfect shapes, with exactly equal thicknesses and no fissures, make for a much more appetising cheese board. Do you think you can prepare the perfect cheese platter? Follow these tips and you’ll get it.