“Eating with fingers is allowed, and it is the best way to have it. ”

Even though sometimes we show the Iberian Ham as a gourmet product only and as a luxurious article, in reality, this kind of tag could be harmful to the consumer. We already commented on the capital importance of the Acorn Iberian Ham as the totem of the Spanish gastronomy, but we have not delved into the benefits it has for our health. Benefits which go beyond any advertisement, real benefits for our health.

The Acorn Iberian Ham lowers the blood pressure, minimize the probabilities of having thrombus, reduce the cholesterol, gives E vitamin to the body which acts as an antioxidant and fulfill us with pleasure. Do you think there are no enough healthy reasons to eat ham?

The most common questions about the Iberian Ham have always been founded in its fat content and its influence on body weight. And although the percentage of fat in the Iberian Ham could arrive up to 20%, the majority of fats are unsaturated; therefore, they are favorable for the heart reducing the plasma lipids (particles responsible for the cholesterol transportation in our body).