You can already find us in Brazil! In February 2016 we reached an agreement for the exhibition of our range of Gourmet products at Brazilian airports, since then you will find free our entire Gourmet Serrana and Iberian range in the Dutyfree stores of all airports in Rio and Sao Paolo, In this way we have continued to fulfill our dream of being ham ambassadors.

You will be able to find Iberian products such us:

  • Iberian Sliced Gourmet ham, trowel, assortment, sausage, sausage and loin.
  • In addition the packs of ½ chorizo, ½ sausage, ½ spine.
  • Iberian bait ham Pack.
  • Up to the Mini Iberian bait ham kit which includes a mini cutter stand and a knife.

Also serrano products:

  • All the sliced Gourmet ham, for “tapas”, sausage, loin and chorizo, both the normal and the superfine ones.
  • The assortment pack.
  • The pack of Catalan “fuet”.

We are particularly excited about the way in which products have been received in Brazil. In fact some webs like this  ( are already talking about us and our products.

As we can see in the images the same Josep Llorens was photographed in one of the supermarkets with all the products Josep Llorens already exposed.