In the summer, we prefer lighter dishes which are fresh, nutritious and tasty. We offer you 4 Iberian ham summer dishes that will delight you and your family. Take note!

4 summer dishes with Iberian ham

Summer Tartare

Macerate 250 grams of Iberian ham with a cooked egg yolk, some capers, a few gherkins, finely chopped white onion, black pepper, a drop of olive oil and mustard. Leave it to stand for around 20 minutes and use a mould to present it nicely. Garnish with some parsley.

Ham and Burgos Cheese on Toast

Spread some garlic and olive oil on some wholemeal or wholegrain toast. Place some slices of Serrano ham, a few slices of tomato and Burgos cheese on the toast. Garnish them with some finely chopped chives or a touch of basil.

Ham and Cheese Balls

Mix a tub of cheese spread with fine herbs or blue cheese with some diced ham. Shape them into balls, coat them in sliced almonds and put them in the fridge to cool.

Iberian Ham and Melon

All you have to do is to mix several types of lettuce, melon balls, strips of Serrano ham with some pine nuts and raisins. Dress to taste.

If you enjoy light dishes which don’t take long to prepare when the weather starts hotting up, try these summer dishes with Iberian ham.