“Preserving all the yesteryear process, the detailed development of each piece allows us to obtain a 100% Acorn Iberian Ham. “

The profiler

Ensure, thanks to its technique, the actual maturity of the piece before doing the curing. It is essential the knowledge and the experience to take out the correct amount of fat. Otherwise, the ham could get dry or be tightened up.


A light salty process allows the enzymes stabilization and the perfect preservation of the piece.

Resting Period

During Winter, in a natural dryer area, salt goes slowly through all the part producing a water loss.


During spring and summer, it is produced in a natural dryer area what it is called the sweating of ham. It is the dissemination of fat throughout the muscle fibers.


In autumn, it starts the pieces aging, kept in natural underground cellars, with constant temperature and humidity. In the basement, it is produced the origin of Josep Llorens’ ham and shoulder. The piece will remain here for many years until it gets a perfect organoleptic quality.


At the end of this phase, it is done a rigorous selection called “El Calado” that is a technique to verify the sensorial characteristics of each ham and shoulder. This process is done by the MAESTRO JAMONERO who introduces a small bone in different parts of the piece. Overcome the phase; the part is ready; the process has finished. Let’s relish it!

Taking care of the process, we obtain a delicious ham.