Cheese is one of the most common foods in our diet, and one that provides us with the most properties. Think of it as a source of iron, dairy, fat and protein. But that’s not all it does for your body. It is also an excellent booster for your immune system. Want to know why?

What does cheese do to your immune system?
Let’s take a look at some of its basic properties:

  • It helps regenerate your immune system’s defences. Thanks to its vitamins and macronutrients, you will have your defences in place, making more difficult for you to fall ill.
  • High protein content. Part of this extra dose of defences comes from the tremendous amount of protein it contains. And they’re complete proteins, so they give you energy, help you take care of your muscles and make you feel good.
  • A wide variety of vitamins. Your immune system also needs the properties offered by vitamins. Animal cheeses have a high presence of type B, as well as A and D.
  • Calcium. Cheese is one of the best sources of calcium for your body and bones.
  • Good amount of fat. Although this is the least healthy part of cheese, many of its fats contribute to the formation of useful energy reserves that you may later need.

Buy healthy cheeses
Creamy cheeses are higher in fat, but cured or sheep’s milk cheeses are much healthier. If you buy our semi-cured manchego cheeses, you will provide your body with a large amount of proteins, vitamins and an injection of calcium without too much fat.

In short, cheese is an essential food in today’s diet. And on our website you can find the best tasting, healthiest cheeses.