Chorizo ​​is one of the star products of traditional Spanish gastronomy. And what would be our fabada, our sandwiches or our starters without this delicious delicacy. In this article by Josep Llorens we want to pay tribute to him by telling some curiosities about him and presenting you with some of the best recipes you can find.


Curiosities about the chorizo


Do you want to know some curiosities about one of our star products? Take note and be surprised.


The recipe for chorizos in a 16th century book


We have proof of how the chorizos were made thanks to the recipe that appears in a 16th century book by an unknown author: Women’s Manual, which contains many different very good recipes.


The word chorizo, thief comes from caló


The professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Granada, Juan F. Gamella, tells us that the word chorizo ​​with the meaning thief comes from the words chorí (“thief”) or chorar (“to steal”).


Chorizo ​​the first aperitif in Andalusia


Did you know that the first appetizers that were served as tapas in Andalusia were precisely chorizos? Well, yes, that’s how Néstor Lujén tells us in his book «Ritual del aperitivo».




Chorizo ​​recipes


Do you love chorizo, but don’t know how to cook it? We give you some recipe ideas you can find.



Riojan-style potatoes with chorizo




2 chorizos


A large potato


2 garlic


1 small onion


1 small green bell pepper


1 small red bell pepper


1 bay leaf


Extra virgin olive oil


Paprika of Vera


Hot paprika





  1. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and fry with extra virgin olive oil.


  1. 2. Add the chorizo ​​cut into slices, the peeled and sliced ​​potatoes and the two kinds of paprika in the amount you like.


  1. Add water to cover, the bay leaf and cook until tender.




Grandma’s lentils with chorizo




125 grams of lentils


1 chorizo


1 small carrot


1 large potato


1 green bell pepper


1/2 head of garlic


Stew spice




1 bay leaf


Extra virgin olive oil


1 vegetable stock cube





  1. Put the lentils, the peeled and coarsely chopped vegetables and the half head of garlic in the pressure cooker.


  1. Add the spices, a splash of oil and cover with water.


  1. Close the pot and cook for 15 minutes.




Other recipes


Do you like chorizos? You can include them in the potato omelette, in the macaroni with tomato or even in the paella.


As you can see, with chorizo ​​you can make simple cooking recipes with excellent results. If you want the best at the click of a mouse, trust Josep Llorens and his quality products.