In March 2016 our products arrived in Chile, thanks to Jumbo Cencosud supermarkets, but our task didn’t end here.

The same March of 2016, led by Josep Llorens, we went to Chile, specifically to the city of Iquique, where we can find the free zone of Chile, Tranning of sales and products. There, the same Josep Llorens trained the entire sales team of dutyfree of the group Vierce, a South American multinational that operates in several South American countries, which has several formats such as dutyfree shops but also supermarkets or fast food franchises.

As you know, our products arrived in Chile with the help of Jumbo Cencosud, which has approximately more than 50 points of sale throughout the country, so that Josep Llorens products can be found all over the country.

The reason we went to do the training is that we didn’t want our products to arrive in Chile without us, we wanted to inform and train the sales team of dutyfree, so that they knew what they were selling, to transmit all our values, our way of understanding life and delighting the world with our products. At

Also as we can see Josep Llorens himself was in charge of teaching to count the ham to the sales team.