“Unquestionably Ham cutting is essential for savoring this delicacy.”

Ham in expert cutters hands

The professional Ham’s cut, strengthen ham flavors and aromas to make it indubitably enjoyable. Ham slice should be thin, translucent and of a suitable size to be eaten in one mouthful. Its soft flavor will melt away in your mouth, releasing an intense and prolonged sensation.
Tools are ready and polished to allow the cutter not to strain when cutting the ham but to give him expertise and steadiness. A defined renowned pulse rate allows him to make his best cuts to the rhythm of the eye, unhurried leisurely pace cutting small slices which will delight the most demanding tastes of all over the world.




Reckon with a proper ham knife is the key. A Ham Knife is a particular item to cut ham into slices, characterized by its narrowness and a long length. The Ham Knife has a long stainless steel blade without much thickness. Therefore, with a light handle pressing it is possible to bend and adapt the module to the Iberian Ham form which will allow performing a perfect cut. In fact, the slices uniformity is where we find the thickness of the parts. This way you can value all the flavor and aroma conditions of the JAMON IBERICO DE BELLOTA (IBERIAN ACORN HAM).
Another element to take into consideration is how to sharpen the knife. To find the right sharpen point is one of the abilities of Ham cutters. It is recommendable to sharpen the knife with a sharpener (chaira) or with a sharpener stone each time just before cutting ham. The most used material in the manufacturing of ham knives is the stainless steel because of its flexibility and durability.

Which are the genuine Acorn Iberian Ham parts?

There are just a few undiscovered mysteries about the pure Acorn Iberian Ham, and we can just surrender to its flavor and its sensorial experience that involves tasting this delicacy. But, to let to know which is the perfect way to try it out, it is important to understand the parts of the Ham, this will help us to take more benefits from our piece and to cut it correctly. Ham has different parts, and each one of them has their characteristics that turn it suitable for the slicing or restrict it only for ham chopped.


It is the richest part of the ham as it contains the greatest amount of meat from the piece. It is tender, juicy and delicious because it holds a considerable amount of fat. It is the most profitable part of the ham.


It provides less meat than MAZA since it is located next to the femur and the coxal bone. Its juiciness is less than in the MAZA and CONTRAMAZA, and it is recommendable to start from this part if the intake takes an extended period, this way we assure to enjoy it in the best conditions.


Located away from the claw, it is the juiciest part, but if it does not have the correct amount of fat covering it, it could get salty.


It is one of the hallmarks from the pure Acorn Iberian Ham. It is used in many homes and restaurants to make soup because once it boils, produces a great flavor. To get to know this part, will ease you in the utilization and the cutting of a pure Acorn Iberian Ham and will make you enjoy it even more and to get the best benefits from your piece.


The art of tasting an excellent ham requires a serial of important things to take into consideration. Once we have our piece of pure Acorn Iberian Ham, it is important to have the necessary utensils so we can get the perfect cut and delight ourselves with its amazing taste. To succeed in eating it is crucial that the ham slicing will be done in the accurate conditions. Therefore, the piece should be at a measured temperature and would need to be worked with the best utensils. There are the following:


It is the base where the ham rests to be cut. The ham holder is composed of a wooden base and stainless steel elements that hold the ham. It is important to know that the ham holder materials were the best to fasten the piece of ham firmly and enable the cutter to do a perfect job.


The art of cutting ham requires cutting accuracy included many requirements, amongst them, are the constant utensils and the worker clean up. That is why it is important to use an apron during the process, which allows the cutter to move around freely in front of the piece without the fear of stain.


It is essential to cut with a good knife so that the ham cut will be correct. A steel blade knife will allow getting a qualified slicing so that the ham tasting will be done in the best possible way.


It is essential to have a good knife, but, it is useless if it is not kept in the correct way. The key is to have the knife in the best conditions for cutting the piece accurately; the knife should be sharpened.