On February 2017 Josep Llorens finally signed the agreement with Emporio Delitalia, a restaurant that is located in Fortaleza.

Emporio Delitalia is a gastronomic business of Italian products located in Brazil. This restaurant and shop is quite well known and of great quality. It is dedicated to the sale of gourmet products, among which from now on you will be able to find some of the products of Josep Llorens.

During these days Josep Llorens presented the whole range of products imported to Brazil, by the hand of Casa Flora, our importer. Josep Ramón Llorens was the facilitator of the workshop that was specially directed to Jamón Serrano, the star product of the brand. The workshop and tasting was presented in Sao Luiz.

In the presentation, in Fortaleza, the benefits of the ham were mentioned, exposing that it is a source rich in vitamins and proteins besides a powerful antioxidant. This product can already be visualized in the website of Emporio –>  https://www.emporiopatanegra.com.br/prod,idloja,27253,idproduto,4535856,jamon-jamon-serrano-jamon-serrano-josep-llorens-24-meses—peca-7-5kg-aprox-

We hope that our brand continues growing in Brazil and that many more products of Josep Llorens will be available in this country, since during the presentation we also announced other branded products that we believe can be very well received in Brazil.