“This story had begun in 1980 when Josep Llorens decided to make his dream come true,
to become an ambassador all around the world of a real gastronomic jewel, ham.”


As a pig gets born, grows up and gets ready to become a priceless gastronomic treasure, in 1980 a family company specialized in IBERIAN and SERRANO pig products was born.

“Josep Llorens & Fills” began its journey hand in hand with a young Josep Llorens who knew to seized his experiences and his childhood knowledge to build his dream, to become an ambassador of a particular delicacy: HAM.

“Josep Llorens & Fills” has grown up with a primary objective: to place value on the high-quality products for the last consumer pleasure. Thereby, our products have reached international markets, not only in Europe but around the world. The dream has come true, today we can say that we are the greatest ambassadors of this gastronomic jewel.

“Like this is how “Josep Llorens & Fills” was born and has been growing up.
A dream came true thanks to the family perseverance, commitment, and hard work.”